Everything new – The Haukland Explorer 2.0

The Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 jacket for photographers generation 2.0 is now available.

With the help of your feedback and our own 6 month long-term tests we have improved the very good Haukland Explorer 1.0 even further. At first glance, the changes are almost invisible, but we pay attention to details and want them to work as perfect as possible.

    Revised Velcro

    The Velcro straps in the 1.0 generation were good, but also very hard and occasionally damaged the quilted jacket or the wind stopper on the sleeve. That's why we replaced the entire Velcro with a softer version.


      Faux leather logo on wrist

      Generation 1.0 had a faux leather fastener with the Haukland mountain silhouette on on the sleeve. We exchanged this with the Haukland lettering and added decorative stitching.

      Zipper tag

      The zipper tag in the first generation was not embossed and not glued together. We changed this and added the Haukland lettering.


        Small photo backpack 2.0

        The small photo backpack in the first Haukland Explorer generation was a technical challenge. We needed a unit that fits in every size, doesn't bother you and still has enough space for your photo accessories or mobile phone and Co. Additionally, the waterproof plastic in the quilted and outer jacket should protect your gear from snow and moisture. However, it couldn't be too thick for the sewing machines to work. For generation 2.0 we have now found a new flexible, tear-resistant material, which makes the small photo backpack even more comfortable to wear and long-lasting at the same time.

        Furthermore, the battery and SD card slots were enlarged, so that a large Sony or Canon battery fits into the quilted or fleece jacket.


          Ladies version for photographers

          In addition to the improved men's version, the ladies version of the Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 jacket is now also available. The only difference to the men's jacket is the cut, the features are the same.

          The women's jacket has a more tapered cut, is narrower around the shoulders and has a flexible waistband. The patch on the sleeve is smaller than in the men's version and the small photo backpack is about 2cm smaller. This had to be adjusted because of the smaller sizes. A power bank still fits into the bottom pocket.

          The ladies version is available in sizes XS to XL and tends to be rather big. The outer jacket alone should be loose, so you can wear the quilted and/or fleece jacket underneath.


            Men's version size XXXL

            The Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 jacket for photographers is now, in limited quantity, also available in size XXXL. Should the demand for 4XL also exist, we will soon include it in the program as well. We're also working on size XS for men. If you are interested write us an email to hello@haukland.de.


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