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Longevity – Enjoy your Haukland jacket even longer with these tips

These simple tips will extend the longevity of your Haukland 5in1 jacket for photographers,
so that you can enjoy it for a long time.


The zipper of the Haukland outer jacket is a so-called 2-way zipper. This means that you can open it from the top as well as from the bottom. Since the jacket is deliberately cut longer, you should always open the 2-way zipper at the bottom when you bend down or e.g. get into the car. Otherwise, depending on the size and body volume, too much pressure can be exerted on the lower part of the zipper, which can deform it over time.

If the lower part of the zipper is bent, the zipper may no longer close properly. If you have this problem, take a look at the following pictures and compare them with your zipper.

Haukland Reissverschluss reparieren

(1) If the sleigh looks like this, there shouldn't be any problems and the zipper should open and close easily.

Haukland Reissverschluss reparieren

(2) If the sleigh looks like this, then it has been exposed to too much force and the sleigh has bent open due to the pressure. It is possible that the zipper no longer closes or even opens by itself.

Repair the zipper yourself

To fix a bent zipper, you can just take a pair of pliers and carefully! bend the sleigh back together. At the end it should look similiar to picture 1 above. You can do this once or twice, but the material can break if you bend it constantly.

So the best thing to do: don't bear too much pressure on the zipper in the first place, but always open the zipper from the bottom when you crouch.

If you discover a defect on your zipper within 6 months of receiving the jacket, please contact our support at hello@haukland.de and we will check if an exchange is possible.

Haukland Reissverschluss reparieren

In comparison: the functional zipper at the bottom and the bent one at the top.

Haukland Reissverschluss reparieren

You can carefully (!) bend the sleigh back together with a pair of pliers.

Video instruction: This is how you can repair your zipper yourself


You can reduce or enlarge the gap around your wrist with the Velcro fastener on the sleeves. This helps on cold or very windy days. Make sure that the Velcro is attached correctly, so that the Velcro does not get caught on the wind stopper or other clothing.

The Velcro should not protrude downwards. If the small barbs protrude, they can get caught on the wind stopper or on other clothing. It's not dramatic, but it can create unsightly loops.

Haukland Klettverschluss

Correct: The Velcro fastener does not protrude downwards.

Haukland Klettverschluss

Wrong: Part of the Velcro protrudes so that the barbs can get caught on the wind stopper.

Haukland Klettverschluss

Worst case: Unsightly pilling effect on the wind stoppers. (Please note: Old Velcro fastener of the V1 jacket)

Washing and water proofing

Both the Haukland outer jacket and the Haukland pants are impregnated. After heavy downpours, this impregnation decreases over time and has to be renewed at some point. A run in the washing machine is of course even stronger than a rain shower and affects the impregnation even more. The ingredients in the detergent can also damage both the materials and the impregnation.

That's why there are special outdoor detergents and wash impregnations that you can also use for Haukland products. They freshen up the impregnation during washing. Impregnation from the outside with a spray is also possible, similar to shoes.
You should refresh the impregnation at least once a year. Especially if you are out and about a lot in the rain and definitely after/during every washing.

If you can, avoid washing your jacket. In most cases, the outside of the jacket can be cleaned easily and gently with a sponge.

Neither the outer jacket nor the trousers should be washed with fabric softener and should not be put in the dryer.
You can find the exact washing instructions on the respective garment.

Do you have any further questions? Have a look at our FAQ or write an email to hello@haukland.de.

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