Haukland 7in1 Photography Jacket Parka Pro


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  • Version: Unisex
  • Construction: 7in1 outdoor all-weather jacket for photographers
  • Windproof, rainproof, breathable, warm
  • Special photography features
  • 29 pockets in total
  • Set includes Outer Jacket Parka Pro (black) + Padded Pro Jacket (black) + Fleece Jacket 2023 (grey)
  • incl. 3 Haukland microfiber cloths with filter table (while stocks last)
  • Pre-order! Will be shipped around mid-February 2023

The model wears size L. He is 1.87 m tall and weighs 94 kg. All sizes are European sizes and have a regular to loose fit. For flexibility, you might order one size larger than usual.



Introducing the 7in1 Photography Jacket - Parka Pro, the ultimate jacket for professional outdoor photographers and/or videographers. This innovative jacket is designed with three jacket layers that can be worn in seven different ways, providing ultimate versatility and comfort in changing rough weather situations.

Made from improved premium materials from sailing sports, the Parka Pro is perfect for outdoor shoots in any weather. Whether you're facing rain, strong wind, or cold temperatures, this 7in1 Photography Jacket has you covered. With a range of pockets and zippered vents, you'll have all the storage and ventilation you need, plus unique photography features

Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke


In the left sleeve is a special pocket with a flexible strap and a metal clip. You can attach a microfiber cloth to clean your lens or camera. Thanks to the clip, you can easily use the cloth even in strong winds and don't have to worry about losing it.

Where is my cloth? The answer is always: in your left sleeve.

Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke


Inside each jacket is a "Mini Photo Bag". Two labeled small compartments for memory cards and 1 for small batteries. Below are two large pockets for additional batteries, smartphones, power banks, wallets, and everything else you need extra space for.

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Note: In winter it is beneficial to carry batteries and smartphones close to your body to protect them from discharging. In heavy rain, the double layer of the outer jacket and padded jacket provides additional protection for your electronic equipment.





3 Layer - 7 combinations - 1 Set

Layer 1


Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke

Layer 2


Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke

Layer 3


Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke


Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke



At first glance, the functional outer jacket looks like a stylish parka that you can easily wear in everyday life. But it is more! It’s a waterproof, windproof, and scratch-resistant outdoor jacket (>10.000mm water column) made of treated outdoor fabric with a polyurethane waterproof membrane from sailing sport and taped seams for very rugged weather.

The inside lining makes it comfortable to wear. The zips situated under the arms can be used for additional ventilation during physical activity. A big 2-way YKK zipper provides easy access and freedom of movement when shooting at lower angles.



Wrist wind stoppers seal the jacket in strong winds and prevent unnecessary heat loss. In addition, the sleeves can be tightened via Velcro.

The hood sits comfortably when closed to protect against rain and wind. The front side is reinforced and has a longer fit to "shield" the camera and viewfinder. You can additionally tighten the hood with elastic bands.

The neck is lined with soft fleece for extra comfort.

New double-layered front pockets for additional storage.

Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke
  • 2 chest pockets for lens caps
  • 2 large bottom pockets for filters up to 100x150mm (graduated filters, ND filters, and co.) or our Haukland 3in1 Photography Gloves, equipped with a double Velcro closure
  • 2 new large pockets behind bottom pockets with side access for your hands or extra storage.
  • 1 inside pocket on the top left for a slim wallet, passport, or smartphone.
  • 5 pockets in "Mini Photo Bag" with labeled memory card & battery pockets. Additional two bigger pockets for drone batteries, power banks, or whatever you want to store. On the outer jacket, this area is reinforced with a waterproof PU fabric to provide additional protection for your electronic equipment. On the body side, the pockets are made of mesh.
  • 1 pocket in the left sleeve with an elastic strap and metal clip for your lens cleaning cloth
Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke
Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke

A padded jacket with a hood and currently only available in black. Keeps you extra warm on chilly days. The pro version uses the same tough fabric as our Photography Vest.

If it's not raining, you can wear the padded jacket on its own. If you want to protect yourself against rain and wind, simply zip it into the outer jacket. The hood and sleeves can be connected to the outer jacket via buttons and eyelets. The jacket has a slightly longer cut than normal padded jackets without peeking out under the outer jacket.

Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke
Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke

You can wear the Haukland Fleece outdoors on chilly fall days or even in the office. It is designed longer than standard fleece jackets. This keeps the seam between the jacket and pants covered and warm.

The fantastic feature of this fleece fabric is that it protects against a light drizzle, but also transports moisture to the outside. You don't transpire as quickly and stay cozy at the same time.

If it rains more heavily, you simply zip the Fleece Jacket into the outer jacket. Now you're warm and have additional rain protection.

You can attach the sleeves and the collar to the Outer Jacket with eyelets and buttons.

Haukland Parka Pro 7in1 Jacke

Need a simple good rain jacket and windbreaker?

  • Go with the Haukland Parka Pro Outer Jacket layer alone.

Need the right jacket for a sunny but cool day in the woods?

  • Take the Haukland Fleece layer on its own.

Out and about on a normal winter day with no rain?

  • Go for the Haukland Padded Pro Jacket layer.

Want to shoot at 32 °F/0°C and it's snowing/raining?

  • Put on the Haukland Padded Pro Jacket layer and the Haukland Parka Pro Outer Jacket layer.

Want to hike at 41°F/5°C?

  • Wear the Haukland Fleece Jacket layer with the Haukland Parka Pro Outer Jacket layer.

Want to take photos at 32 °F/0°C in good weather?

  • Put on the Haukland Padded Pro Jacket layer and the Haukland Fleece Jacket layer.

Need a warm jacket for winter below 23 °F/-10°C ?

  • Wear the Haukland Fleece Jacket layer, the Haukland Padded Pro Jacket layer, and the Haukland Parka Pro Outer Jacket layer combined with each other.

3 layers - 7 ways - 1 set for all weather conditions

Photographers have worn the Haukland 7in1 Jacket in recent years from anywhere around 77 °F/25°C in the rainforests of Costa Rica to -4°F/-20°C in Finland*, as well as with winds of over 100km/H. The new 7in1 Parka Pro version should keep you warm in even colder temperatures.

*Cold is perceived differently by each person individually.

Compare the Haukland 7in1 Classic with the Haukland 7in1 Parka Pro Photography Jacket


If you want to know which size is right for you, you can find all the measurements of the Haukland 7in1 Parka Pro Photography Jacket in the size chart below.

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