Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 jacket for photographers – Khaki


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  • Version: Men
  • Construction: 5-in-1 outdoor jacket for photographers, incl. outer jacket (khaki) + quilted jacket (black) + fleece jacket (grey)
  • Outer jacket (khaki):
    • Material: tear-resistant 228T nylon with mesh lining
    • windproof, waterproof and breathable
    • 6000mm water column
    • 11 pockets (inside and outside)
    • with hood (adjustable)
    • continuous welded 2-way zipper with chin guard
    • Extras: Microfiber cloth holder in the sleeve, small photo backpack inside, DWR-impregnated, elastic Windstopper sleeve cuffs, ventilation zips under the armpits, adjustable sleeves
  • Quilted jacket (black):
    • Material: 100% Nylon 20D with lining made of 100% polyester
    • 8 pockets
    • with hood
    • Extras: Microfiber cloth holder in the sleeve, small photo backpack inside, pockets with zipper
  • Fleece jacket (grey):
    • Material: 100% Polyester with high insulation value and anti-pilling
    • 8 pockets
    • Extras: Microfiber cloth holder in the sleeve, small photo backpack inside, pockets with zipper
  • Info: In the photos in the forest Ben wears the Haukland Explorer 5-in-1 jacket in khaki in size L. He is 1.87 m tall and weighs 90 kg.
  • incl. free limited Haukland microfibre cloth with filter table (while stocks last)

Our mission: The perfect jacket for every weather and every season

Developed by photographers for photographers

The Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 outdoor jacket for photographers was developed and designed in Germany by adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj and a team of specialists from the textile industry.

There are winter jackets, between-seasons jackets, summer jackets, rain jackets & windbreakers. So many available choices, but which one is the right one for your next photo tour? Why would you buy a separate jacket for each season, when the Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 offers a jacket for every season*? With the refined layer system of the Haukland Explorer 5 in 1 jacket, you can add or remove layers to suit the weather.

* tested at temperatures between 30°C and -12°C and wind up to 100km/h.



Haukland Explorer outer jacket


quilted jacket


Fleece jacket

- Haukland Explorer - outer jacket -

A functional outdoor rain jacket with the parka look

The functional outer jacket looks like a stylish parka, that can easily be worn in everyday life. It's a lightweight rain jacket that is water and wind resistant thanks to its special impregnated outdoor fabric (tear-resistant 228T nylon, 6000 mm water column). The inner mesh makes it comfortable to wear, breathable and provides good air circulation. Under physical stress the zips under the arms can be used for additional ventilation. A welded 2-way zipper also provides water protection and freedom of movement when you want to squat down.

Learn more about the outdoor features

German engineered details

Windstopper on the wrists prevent unnecessary heat loss and keep you warm. The sleeves can be adjusted with the faux leather lock.

The hood of the Haukland Explorer Jacket is relatively snug when closed to protect you against rain and wind. The front of the hood is cut longer to "shield" the camera and your viewfinder. You can close the hood even more using the rubber bands.

Welded 2-way zipper

The jacket has a relatively long cut and covers, when chosen in the correct size, the trouser pockets and your butt. That way you don't get as quickly and can lean or sit against damp rocks or other surfaces. No restrictions in movement: the welded zipper can be opened in both directions and therefore allows you to kneel down even with the jacket closed.

The seams of the outer jacket are not welded. This enables a very good air circulation and also cuts production costs, which we pass on to you. We believe that 90% of outdoor photographers do not need welded seams. However, if the demand persists, we will think about an "extreme version" of the Haukland jacket. Please write us an email to hello@haukland.de or use the contact form if you are interested in that.


11 amazing pockets for your photo equipment

The Haukland Explorer is equipped with 11 amazing pockets in total:

  • The 2 chest pockets are designed for lens caps,
  • the two large pockets at the bottom are designed for filters (such as graduated filters + square ND filters) and provide enough space to stow away even your big 150x100mm filters or gloves. The bags are also equipped with a Velcro, to prevent you from loosing anything.
  • Inside the jacket there is a small pocket on the top left for a slim wallet, mobile phone or your passport.
  • Moreover, there is a complete "mini photo backpack" with space for memory cards, batteries, power banks and Co. In the outer jacket, this area is reinforced on the outside with a waterproof foil to additionally protect the electronic equipment. On the body side, the pockets are made of mesh, so you always see exactly what's inside which pocket.
  • Inside the left sleeve is an integrated microfiber cloth pocket with an elastic cord and metal clip.
Image Image

- Haukland quilted jacket -

Currently only available in black and with trendy check quilt, the Haukland quilted jacket keeps you warm on cool days.

You can wear the quilted jacket solo if it doesn't rain. If you also want to protect yourself from rain and wind, you simply zip it into the outer jacket. The warming hood and sleeves can be connected to the outer jacket via buttons and eyelets. The jacket is cut a bit longer than usual quilted jackets, but doesn't pop out under the outer jacket.


The Haukland quilted jacket has 8 pockets in total:

  • Two large front pockets with a zipper
  • Microfiber cloth pocket with elastic cord and metal clip on the left sleeve and
  • the "small photo backpack" on the inside.

Assuming that this jacket will be used in the snow, we made the "small photo backpack" with a waterproof foil on the outside so you can put the jacket in the snow without having to worry about your electronic equipment, such as your batteries, getting wet.

Watch the video about the Haukland quilted jacket here

- Haukland fleece jacket -

The Haukland fleece is great to wear on cool autumn days - outdoors or even in the office. It's designed to be longer than standard fleece jackets you can buy. That way the transition to your pants remains covered and warm while being out in nature.

The fantastic function of the fleece is that it protects against light rain, but also transports heat and moisture very well to the outside. Thus you stay warm but don't sweat so fast. Even a light drizzle shouldn't be a problem for the fleece.

If it rains more, just zip it into the outer jacket. Now you stay warm and have the perfect rain combination for autumn days. Of course you can use the eyelets and buttons to attach both the sleeves and the collar to the outer jacket.


The Haukland fleece, just like the quilted jacket, has 8 pockets in total:

  • Two large front pockets with a zipper
  • Microfiber cloth pocket with elastic cord and metal clip on the left sleeve
  • "small photo backpack" on the inside. In the fleece jacket it's made entirely of mesh and has no additional waterproof foil for comfort reasons.

Watch the video about the Haukland fleece jacket here

German engineered design:
Amazing features for photographers

In addition to the sophisticated design, the timeless cut and the numerous storage options, each part of the jacket (outer jacket, quilted jacket and fleece) has two very special features that every outdoor photographer will love.

Cleverly integrated microfiber cloth - no more dirty lenses

In the left sleeve, at the level of the forearm, there is a special pocket with a flexible cord and metal clamp. There you can attach your microfiber cloth, always ready at your fingertips to clean your lens or camera. By clamping it, you can use the cloth even in strong winds and don’t have to worry about losing it or where you last put it. The answer is always: Left sleeve.

Image Image

Never forget your camera battery and memory card again - small photo backpack on board

On the inside of each jacket there is a “small photo backpack" with conveniently placed storage compartments where you can put memory cards, USB sticks or batteries. Two larger compartments allow you to store your wallet, mobile phone, larger batteries or even a powerbank.

Especially in winter it is beneficial to carry your batteries and your smartphone in your inside pockets, close to the body, to protect them from discharging. In heavy rain the double layer of the outer jacket and fleece gives you extra protection for your batteries and your smartphone.

Are 11 pockets enough for you?

The Haukland Explorer jacket (outer jacket) has 11 pockets in total. The lower outer pockets are big enough to fit your gradient or ND filters. The upper pockets can store smaller items like your lens cap. By storing it there you will never lose or forget where you put it last.

Some people even leave their backpacks at home, because they can fit so much in their jacket.

You can customize your jacket for every photo trip

The different characteristics of the materials allow you to choose exactly which parts you need for your photo adventure.

Application examples:

You need a rain jacket and windbreaker?

  • Wear the Haukland Explorer (outer jacket) alone.

You need the right jacket for sunny but cool autumn days in the forest?

  • Wear the Haukland fleece alone.

You are out on a winter day without rain?

  • Take the Haukland quilted jacket.

You want to take pictures at 0°C and don't know if it's going to snow or rain?

  • Wear the Haukland quilted jacket and the Haukland Explorer (outer jacket) combined.

You want to hike at 0°C?

  • Wear the Haukland fleece and the Haukland Explorer (outer jacket) combined.

You need a jacket for the winter at -10°C?

  • Wear the Haukland fleece, the Haukland quilted jacket and the Haukland Explorer (outer jacket) combined with each other.

This video shows how you can zip the jackets together

Haukland size chart

You want to know which size is right for you? You can find all measurements of the Haukland Explorer Jacket for photographers in the size chart.

Measurements outer jacket (in cm)SMLXLXXLXXXL
back length (A)939495969798
back width (B)51,553,554,556,557,558,5
chest width (C)586062646668
sleeve length (D)68,56969,57070,571
Measurements quilted jacket (in cm)SMLXLXXLXXXL
back length (A)777879808182
back width (B)49,551,552,554,555,556,5
chest width (C)565860626466
sleeve length (D)6868,56969,57070,5
Measurements fleece jacket (in cm)SMLXLXXLXXXL
back length (A)798081828384
back width (B)48,550,551,553,554,555,5
chest width (C)55,557,559,561,563,565,5
sleeve length (D)66,56767,56868,569



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