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  • Revised version 2.0
  • Version: Men
  • Construction: 5-in-1 outdoor jacket for photographers, incl. Outer jacket (red) + Quilted jacket (black) + Fleece jacket (grey)
  • Outer jacket (red)

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  • Material: tear-resistant 228T nylon with mesh lining
  • windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • 6000mm water column
  • 11 pockets (inside and outside)
  • with hood (adjustable)
  • continuous welded 2-way zipper with chin guard
  • Extras: Microfiber cloth holder in the sleeve, small photo backpack inside, DWR-impregnated, elastic Windstopper sleeve cuffs, ventilation zips under the armpits, adjustable sleeves
  • Quilted jacket (black)

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  • Material: 100% Nylon 20D with lining made of 100% polyester
  • 8 pockets
  • with hood
  • Extras: Microfiber cloth holder in the sleeve, small photo backpack inside, pockets with zipper
  • Fleece jacket (grey)

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  • Material: 100% Polyester with high insulation value and anti-pilling
  • 8 pockets
  • Extras: Microfiber cloth holder in the sleeve, small photo backpack inside, pockets with zipper
  • Info: In the photos in Norway, Ben wears the Haukland Explorer 5-in-1 jacket in red in size XL. He is 1.87 m tall and weighs 90 kg.
  • incl. free limited Haukland microfibre cloth with filter table (while stocks last)
  • Until December 31, 2020, you only pay 293€ instead of 300€ because of the VAT reduction in Germany



Photographers love this jacket


Clean lenses - microfiber cloth in the sleeve

In the left sleeve, at the level of the forearm, there is a special pocket with a flexible cord and metal clamp. There you can attach your microfiber cloth, always ready at your fingertips to clean your lens or camera. By clamping it, you can use the cloth even in strong winds and don’t have to worry about losing it or where you last put it. The answer is always:Left sleeve.

Battery & co - equipment always at hand

A kind of “small photo backpack” was also reproduced on the left inside of each jacket. Here's enough space for your memory cards, USB sticks or batteries. Two larger compartments allow you to store your wallet, mobile phone, larger batteries or even a powerbank.

Especially in winter it is beneficial to carry your batteries and your smartphone in your inside pockets, close to the body, to protect them from discharging. In heavy rain the double layer of the outer jacket and fleece gives you extra protection for your batteries and your smartphone.


27 pockets* for your photo equipment & more

The lower outer pockets of the Haukland Explorer jacket (outer jacket) are big enough to fit your gradient or ND filters. The upper pockets can store smaller items like your lens cap. By storing it there you will never lose or forget where you put it again.

Some people even leave their backpacks at home, because they can fit so much in their jacket.

* all 3 layers of the 5-in-1 jacket combined

For 293€ you get 3 layers,
which you can combine in 5 different ways

Layer 1 - Haukland outer jacket


Layer 2 - Haukland
quilted jacket


Layer 3 - Haukland
Fleece jacket


Layer 1 - Haukland outer jacket red

Don't mind the wind or waves - take your picture!

The functional outer jacket looks like a stylish parka, that can easily be worn in everyday life. In reality, however, it is an outdoor jacket that is water and wind resistant (6000 mm rain column) thanks to its special impregnated outdoor fabric (tearproof 228T nylon). Thanks to the mesh on the inside, it can be worn comfortably in all seasons, is breathable and ensures good air circulation. Under physical stress the zips under the arms can be used for additional ventilation. A welded 2-way zipper provides water/wind protection and optimal freedom of movement if you want to squat down.

Learn more about the outdoor features

German engineered details

Windstopper on the wrists prevent unnecessary heat loss and keep you warm. The sleeves can be adjusted with the faux leather lock.

The hood of the Haukland Explorer Jacket is relatively snug when closed to protect you against rain and wind. The front of the hood is cut longer to "shield" the camera and your viewfinder. You can close the hood even more using the rubber bands.

Welded 2-way zipper

The jacket has a relatively long cut and covers, when chosen in the correct size, the trouser pockets and your butt. That way you don't get as quickly and can lean or sit against damp rocks or other surfaces. No restrictions in movement: the welded zipper can be opened in both directions and therefore allows you to kneel down even with the jacket closed.

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The seams of the outer jacket are not welded. This enables a very good air circulation and also cuts production costs, which we pass on to you. We believe that 90% of outdoor photographers do not need welded seams. However, if the demand persists, we will think about an "extreme version" of the Haukland jacket. Please write us an email to hello@haukland.de or use the contact form if you are interested in that.


11 amazing pockets for your photo equipment

The Haukland Explorer is equipped with 11 amazing pockets in total:

  • The 2 chest pockets are designed for lens caps,
  • the two large pockets at the bottom are designed for filters (such as graduated filters + square ND filters) and provide enough space to stow away even your big 150x100mm filters or gloves. The bags are also equipped with a Velcro, to prevent you from loosing anything.
  • Inside the jacket there is a small pocket on the top left for a slim wallet, mobile phone or your passport.
  • Moreover, there is a complete "mini photo backpack" with space for memory cards, batteries, power banks and Co. In the outer jacket, this area is reinforced on the outside with a waterproof foil to additionally protect the electronic equipment. On the body side, the pockets are made of mesh, so you always see exactly what's inside which pocket.
  • Inside the left sleeve is an integrated microfiber cloth pocket with an elastic cord and metal clip.
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I've had the 3 in 1 jacket for a good 2 months and I love it. The materials feel like they are really high quality and I am very pleased with it. The small photo backpack is very convenient, the wearing comfort is very good and the possibility to combine several jackets or to wear them individually is great.

- Benny (translated)
Image Image
I'm absolutely thrilled by the jacket. The quality is very good and the functionality is unrivaled. The delivery was very quick. The exchange was also unproblematic since I originally ordered a size that was too small. I can only recommend the jacket and the order / delivery procedure.

- Christian (translated)
10 reviews for Haukland 5 in 1 jacket for photographers – Red
  1. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Hello Ben,

    On the day the jackets came out, my 2 photo buddies and I each ordered a set of 3 of your Haukland jackets. We wore them over Easter when the weather was fine and last week at the Horizonte Photo Festival in Zingst. In the evening in the wind at the cocktail bar as well as during the day in the rainstorm, the jackets braved all odds very well. They are comfortable to carry, the little bags are well thought out.

    We wish you good light!
    LG Sebastian (translated)

  2. munkwolstrup (verified owner)

    The 5 in 1 jacket looks great. Quality is good! All jackets go very well together. I immediately felt comfortable in it. The possibility to adjust the waist is good, so you can adjust the jacket to the thickness of the jackets underneath or if you wear the outer jacket alone, pull the waist a little tighter. All features are just great. Can recommend the jacket. I am 179cm tall at 83KG and wear size L. (translated)

  3. ToxicScream90 (verified owner)

    Thumbs up for this jacket. I ordered both jackets (red 5 in 1 and yellow outer jacket) Monday morning on the release day and already got it Wednesday. A huge plus for that. Worn together, the jackets fit like a glove. The outer jacket alone is unfortunately a bit too big for me (“slightly baggy”), but maybe it’s just a matter of habit. It would be cool for the next generation (just an idea on my part, maybe it was deliberately not wanted) if the windbreaker had a thumb loop on the sleeve of the outer jacket or the jacket had a snow guard (see snowboard jackets). All in all a very successful jacket that I would recommend to everyone. Also “non-photographers”. (translated)

  4. markus-neuhaus (verified owner)

    When you try it on for the first time, you notice which idea is behind the concept.

    My worry that the quilted fleece jacket might fit well and the rain jacket would wear like a sack has not been confirmed, on the contrary, all jackets fit very well!

    The fashioning and the feel is excellent. We’ll see how the jacket performs outdoors, but I am in very good spirits.

    The details like the little “photo backpack” are great! I find it very practical, just like the outer pockets in which the ND filters fit. (translated)

  5. Karsten (verified owner)

    I think the idea is very good and I ordered a 5-1 jacket straight away. I find the black ends on the sleeves against the wind extremely successful and I have already tested the jacket while walking in the rain. Does what it should: keeps you dry. Perfect. (translated)

  6. foto-alfred (verified owner)

    At first I was a little skeptical about the cheap price and if I’d get something valuable for that. I ordered the red 5 in 1 in XL (I’m 1.78m 89kg) and still have room in the outer jacket and quilted jacket. The fleece jacket fits like a glove. All around perfect.
    The processing was also convincing. I looked a little disappointed at the empty clamps in my sleeves. But today in the letter there were three great microfiber cloths. 🙂
    I think the idea with the ND filter table on the cloths is very great. It’s the little things that make your heart beat faster.
    In short, the jackets are great. Well thought out with the inside and outside pockets. Fit and look good on top of that (colors are a little muted).
    In May I have a long photo tour planned. I will put the jacket through its paces and report on my YouTube channel.
    Until then, all the best and happy holidays!
    LG, Alfred Bernschneider (translated)

  7. holger (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing my Haukland 5-1 jacket in red for a week now. Just in time for delivery, spring made a little winter break, so it was necessary to wear all combinations of jackets in terms of temperature. The jacket wears as it should: you slip in and just feel good! I’m delighted about the jackets’ properties regarding water and cold protection. The little details show how much thought has been given to give the photographer something practical, which enables him to focus even more on photography.
    However, if I wear the fleece jacket alone and have my girlfriend with me, it’s going to be difficult to take pictures (“Oh my god it is fluffy!” *cuddly purr*). Maybe your should make the next version a little more scratchy (kidding!).
    Since it is always a little difficult to estimate the size of online purchases, here’s a little more information that may help others: I am 1.76 and weigh 74 kg, have a normal to sporty stature and am wearing the right size “M”.
    Maybe you could include a video into the product description in which different people wear / present the jacket stating their weight and size (fashion show video for better size estimation). This could make it much easier for customers to estimate the size they should order.
    Speaking of “Gimmick”: Thank you very much for sending the Haukland microfiber cloths for the sleeve pocket! They are really great and, together with the filter tables on them, underscore the words I wrote a few lines earlier: “The little details show how much thought has been given to give the photographer something practical, which enables him to focus even more on photography. ” (translated)

  8. Lothar Schneider (verified owner)

    I ordered the red 5 in 1 jacket in size XL on Thursday and already got it on Saturday.
    I trained as a seller and retail salesperson. As a result, I don’t judge the quality as good, but as perfect. You put the jacket on and you don’t want to doff them anymore. That applies to all three jackets by the way.
    The look exceeds my expectations. Not to mention the feel. You directly feel that no compromises have been made in terms of quality. The stylish fleece jacket and the quilted jacket even make me slim !? (90 KG at 1.74 m) The great fit was confirmed to me by outsiders.
    The rain jacket is slightly larger. I made it tighter at the waist using the waistbands.
    By the way, the concept of the jacket convinced a friend of mine that he can imagine buying one. He has as little to do with photography as I do with a visit to a gym … him, and the price-performance ratio of the concept totally positively surprised me !!! So far, he only knew of two-jacket-combinations. For hikers and other outdoor fans, the Haukland jacket could also be an alternative.
    As a football fan, I will of course also wear it to the stadium. In my spare time it will be used in every season.
    Everything has been thought of for photographers. With great attention to detail. The hoods of my other jackets are too small or you can no longer see through them. It fits here. Just an example of a very practical implementation. If the fleece jacket’s integrated photo backpack was additionally protected against rain by a plastic layer, it would significantly disrupt the wearing behavior. Another example of this. Well thought through. The length of the fleece jacket and the quilted jacket are very comfortable for me. The rain jacket has to cover the others and therefore runs longer. Overall, the rain jacket seems one size too big to me. But that can change if I look for falling stars in December and maybe wear more under them.
    Some will be surprised that I will soon be traveling without a photo backpack or a photo bag. With this jacket I got everything that’s important with me. I’m going to customize the use of the pockets like the buttons on my Sony. I love flexibility.
    I will soon be in Hamburg for a weekend. Do I want rain and cold to test the limits of the jacket? No! After having the jackets in my hands, I fully trust the promised weatherproofing.
    With full conviction I will present the jackets in my photo club next Tuesday.
    Ben, so far you have taught me Photoshop and Lightroom in a practical way with your numerous training sessions.
    Chapeau, you have hit the jackpot with your new, great outfits. (translated)

  9. Maik S. (verified owner)

    I got the red 5 in 1 and am currently wearing the fleece and quilted jacket. Have all eyes on me 🙂 Awesome jacket! (translated)

  10. MA BO (verified owner)

    Greetings, I just got my Haukland 2.0 in red as an early birthday present from my wife 😍 I am more than satisfied with the quality, really great.
    I still have to test the outdoor qualities for myself 😉 (translated)

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