POTY Winner 2021 in Norway at Haukland Beach

Last week Mario Urso, the winner of the Haukland Photographer of the Year Photo Competition 2021, cashed in his main prize and went to the Lofoten Islands, together with a group of photo enthusiasts and photo travel coach Lukas Voegelin. […] 

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Interview with Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj

Benjamin Jaworskyj is not only a photographer and adventurer, but also the founder of Haukland - clothing for photographers. In this interview Ben shares, among other things, how he got into photography and what his photo dream is. […] 

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Longevity – Enjoy your Haukland jacket even longer with these tips

You can reduce or enlarge the gap around your wrist with the Velcro fastener on the sleeves. This helps on cold or very windy days. Make sure that the Velcro is attached correctly, so that the Velcro does not get caught on the wind stopper or other clothing. The Velcro should not protrude downwards. If [...]

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Haukland Jacket – outdoor features explained

The outdoor skills were an important topic in the development of the Haukland Explorer 5-in-1 jacket. But what do the terms wind and waterproof actually mean? […] 

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